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Hear what our clients have to say about Furry Paws- Dog Puppy  Training, Walking &  Service Dog training and Cerification:

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your training services. We noticed a difference in our Burnese Mountain Dog, Meadow, almost immediately. The techniques you showed us have enabled us to maintain all the progress Meadow has made.
Thanks for everything!
-Mark Staufford










Alexis my young 7 year old daughter is a T-1 Diabetic, before acquiring a trained ( DAD) ( Dog for Diabetic) service poodle named Duchess we had a very difficult time monitoring Alexis's high and low markers. Duchess came to us trained and through our continued work with Sara we now have a wonderfully accurate back up plan with our dog, she can smell the high and lows before the needle . Sara Jane is to our knowledge the only provider of DAD dogs to children under the age of 12 in the Country, our lives are so enhanced and our time so much more jjoyful. Duchess has gone on a cruze to Alaska with us, fly's everywhere and basically is with us 24/7 - we cannot say enough to express our gratified love!
Nancy Gillby Foster City 

I was really worried about getting a service dog, given all the stories you hear.  But, my daughter needed one and I was at the Farmer's Market and saw Sara Training with some young children who were working with poodles that had on service dog vests walking through the Market.  I approached Sara , saying that dogs weren't allowed there so why were they there and she told me they were service dogs . We spent a good hour right then and there talking about the needs of my 8 year old daughter who suffers from T1 diabetes.  We are now the proud owners of an adorable ( DAD) ( Dog for Diabetic) service poodle named Princess.  Princess goes all over with my daughter and me.  We  now manage Simone's high and lows more accurately and with more peace of mind.  We worked together as we learned not only how to care for our dog, but how to understand her "targeting" alerting us that Simone high's and low's were changing before the needle ! It is a process for sure , however worked with us for a year as we acquired the knowledge to work with our precious DAD poodle Princess.  Sara is the only provider of service dogs for Juvenile Diabetics in the United States to our knowledge. We cannot say enough words of gratitude !

Charlotte and Simone Saratoga CA

Our Lab Tucker injured his leg,  he required Orthopedic Surgery to repair his leg with  tedious time effort and care to heal. Sara Jane is providing the critical Post Operative Care and rehabilitation necessary to heal Tucker. This is a long and tedious process; Sara works closely with Veterinary Medical Specialist Dr. Andy Stazz. We highly recommend her services especially if your dog needs surgery.
Aubrey Obata,  Facebook, Palo Alto, CA

We just got a puppy “Louie” a rescue and met Sara Jane the Farmer's market in Town.  She is now training our puppy.  We saw a difference in one lesson and are now working with her to train our puppy who also enjoys Sara’s “In Home” play groups as he is too young to go out yet.  Louie looks forward to seeing Sarah and we do too!
Louie's Parents, Los Gatos CA 95030

Sara Jane is helping me with my 5 month old puppy a Husky who has a lot of energy! Sara organizes play groups at the house and in the field. Thanks to Sarah's “In our Home Care” we feel relaxed that Kalani is having fun while we are out of town; he is relaxed and tired when we return!  Sara doesn’t just walk him, he is being trained each time they go out!  Kyle, Los Gatos, CA

Thanks so much for your Top Notch Puppy Training. Our Potty Training went so smoothly!  Our new diet and exercise program has Maggie and Charlie looking Great!! We appreciated the assessment for the safety of our yard and home. We love Sara’s care and concern.  Our dogs are now calm and much more relaxed!  Maggie & Charlie’s Family - Monte Sereno, CA 95030

We have 2 Maltese dogs, Mutt & Jeff.  Our dogs are older and have special needs...Sarah Jane is now taking care of our cat, chicken and walking the pups several times a week; we are all happier for her care!  Jeff and Lisa, Los Gatos, CA

I went to Mexico for a week; my dogs Marty and Macy -two very large active Golden’s were taken care of by Furry Paws “In our Home Care” they had a fun time and so did I knowing they were exercised and played with several times daily; the boys look great & lost weight with the tricycle exercise bike!  Thanks!  Lillian Los Gatos, CA

We have an old Beagle Bailey who needs medication several times per day, Sara stops by visits administers his medication and massages his joints, we feel so much better about Bailey as we work long hours, if he needs a walk or a vet trip.  We no longer have to leave work or feel guilty that we are not there! 
Sally and Mark Los Gatos CA 95032

I am so happy with my new dog.  She is so well behaved and darling due to Sarah's training.  When I went to pick her up, she was beautifully groomed and had the cutest orange ribbon in her hair.  How Sarah knew that orange was my favorite color is beyond me (maybe because that's all I wear?? Ha ha). I am over the moon with my standard poodle puppy - Mistress Madison. Kathleen, Saratoga CA

I work long hours and often get stuck in traffic or just can’t make it home to take my dogs Hawkeye and Abby outside and play with them. I can call Sarah when this happens and she can take of them, this is a great relief for me knowing my kids are being taken care of! Recently Abby had to have knee surgery, Sara’s post operative care was instrumental to her speedy recovery. The process for rehabilitation is lengthy and tedious and requires special care, I am so grateful for the professional support and help!  
Kim Dorty Los Gatos CA

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